Action checklist

Here are some actions you can take to reduce your emissions and encourage action by others.

I pledge to:

  • Ring my energy supplier and see if I can switch to green energy. If not, I will switch to another supplier
  • Educate myself about the science and impacts of climate change – see our links page
  • Walk, cycle, use public transport or lift share to travel to work
  • Work out my own carbon footprint using a simple calculator
  • Do a ‘home energy check’ to find out how I can save energy in my home – Energy Saving Trust
  • Reduce my holiday air miles by 50%
  • Reduce my meat consumption
  • Contact my MP to encourage them to take action on this issue – Find your MP here
  • Take any broken goods to a local Repair Cafe to see if the can be fixed rather than disposed of
  • Share this list with friends, family and on social media to encourage wider action
  • Join or support a group working to reduce emissions
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